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About Us

Meet Dr. Kelly

For the past twenty years, Dr. Kelly Johnson has assisted organizations and individuals with planning, implementing and executing their personal and professional goals. With a doctorate in Organizational Leadership and Strategic Planning, she is equipped with the knowledge and skills to assist those who are desiring to become more effective and efficient in personal and professional goals. She is committed to educating individuals, businesses, families and communities through establishing strong connections.


Meet LonDell Moffett

For over ten years, Mr. Moffett has acquired experience in advising managers, studying organizational plans and objectives, and developed plans to make companies more aware of what they can offer to the public. With a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, he possesses a set of skills which includes problem-solving, financial expertise, ability to motivate individuals and assist with product development. He is committed to personal and professional growth and plan strategies for streamlining and improving business operations. 

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LonDell Moffett

Certified Grant Writer & Professional Developer

Marketing & Advertising Consultant

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